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About Nartanalay

Since its foundation in August 2004 in West Bengal, India, under the stewardship of scholar Soma Roy, Nartanalaya created stage history with a unique blend of tradition and sophisticated modern stage techniques. What makes this group distinctive is its ability to communicate effectively, by employing innovative audio visual craftsmanship blended with pure traditional art of Manipuri dance.

Soma Roy teaches Manipuri Dance at Nartanalaya and is the chief choreographer for all the major dance productions at Nartanalaya. Beginners and advanced students aretrained with detailed theory and practical lessons. Talented students are encouraged and given opportunity to perform for Nartanalaya's major productions.

Her new troupe had staged many performances including Telivision programme and harmonizing with the age old tradition of the Manipuri Culture on "Lord Krishna" with equal sense and shine.

By the blessings of Guru Bipin Singh and his best disciple Kalavati Devi Soma Roy's institution is on the course to zenith of fame.