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Diploma of "NARTALANKAR "


1. Bhangavali

(a) Brindavan Bhangi Pareng (Lasya) Complete

2. Nrittabandha

(a) Chali ( Lasya and Tandava)
(b) Tanchap (Lasya and Tandava)
(c) Menkup (Lasya and Tandava)
(d) Tevda or Tintalmacha (Lasya and Tandava) Alankars

3. Prabandhanritta

(a) Jugal Nartan
(b) Krishna Nartan ( Ras)
(c) Gop Nartan ( Goshtha)

4. Prabandhanritya ( Abhinaya on Prabandha Geet)

(a) Chaturang or any Prabandha
(b) Krishanaroopvarnan or Radharoopvarnan

5. Nrityahasta

Single and double hand gestures utilized in Ras, Maibi Jagoi
( Phisaron-Process of weaving the cloth)

6. Mapop Jagoi ( contd )

7. Sequences of Gosthaleela and Kunjaras( contd )

8. Mridangrag (prologue)

Particular type of composition of syllables e.g. Dhaprag.


1. Swara, Swaralipi and knowledge of Matra System.

2. To write the syllables according to Matra.

3. Constituent units of Tala (angapran) e.g. Laghu, Guru etc.

4. Tal, bol, Song of the above learnt dances.

5. Different Talas o Manipur and Tala system (contd).

6. History of Manipuri Dance ( from Laiharaoba).

7. Four kinds of Abhinaya & Technical terms.

8. Knowledge of Rasa (sentiments)

9. Costumes of Manipuri dance and Instruments of Manipur.

10. Place of dance performance ( Rangasthala) in Manipur.

11. Theme and characteristics of Rakhalras ( Goshtha)

12. Life sketches of a few well known Gurus of Manipur.

13. What is Laiharaoba.

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