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1. Goshtaleela, and Vasantiras ( Vasantaras)

Knowledge of different compositions of different Gurus of the above Rasas.

2. Knowledge of Songs Instruments, Tal, Bol, Story, Pure dance,
Interpretative dance etc. of the above Rasas.


1. Manipuri Talas and its System

2. Knowledge of Mridang and System of singing.

3. Knowledge of ancient Manipuri and Vaishnav Literature.

4. How much Gurus have incorporated from Vaishnav Literature in Manipuri
dance and how much they have created their own.

5. Knowledge of Vaishnavite and other Sangeet Shastras.

6. Knowledge of Vaishnavite and other Shastras.

7. Difference between Rupaka & Uparupaka.

8. Knowledge of Nritya, Geeta, Vadya, Tala in relation to Shastras.

9. Pranali ( Geneology) of Guru and History of Manipuri Dance.

10. Various Sakhis and Sakhas.

11. Importance and Purpose of Laiharaoba.

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