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In the primordial period man had not evolved to the present state of collective civilization. His appearance and behavior were wild & primitive and he was engaged in constant struggle with nature. However, the natural forces compelled primitive man to look for a more permanent and safer shelter. With the advent of stone age and iron age man evolved both physically and mentally. As civilization progressed, greed and hatred raised their ugly heads. Man started fighting his neighbor, and neighboring countries fought each other. Intolerance became the order of the day. As man lost his humane side he as well lost his benevolent self. It may look little awkward to conclude that with the decline in qualitative qualities of human being, nature has become more violent. Obviously they are not interrelated. It may be in the fitness of things based on scientific facts, it can will be concluded that natural calamities like Earthquake, Volcanic eruptions and Tsunami became more pronounced. However in retrospect is it not fair to conclude that the natural evidences do suggest that degradation and arrogance of civilization had led to the fall and disgrace of human values of life? As life has become unbearable, we definitely look forward to salvation and take our cues from the humble life of primitive man where there was peace and tranquility.